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Leading licensed Trade credit insurance broker in the Baltics and Worldwide
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Trade credit insurance
Trade credit insurance (TCI), also known as Accounts receivable insurance, Debtor insurance, Export insurance, is a risk management solution that protects sellers of goods and services on credit against non-payment due to buyer’s insolvency, willful default and political events.

Trade credit insurance is a complete risk management solution, for both - domestic and cross border sales, providing balance sheet protection, opportunity to sell to new less known clients, offer flexible payment conditions to the buyers, and access business financing at attractive terms.

A global partnership network allows us to collect offers from various market players providing our clients access to the fullest trade credit insurance solutions range at the best possible conditions.

We offer trade credit insurance for all needs with any complicity and structure:
  • Whole turnover,
  • Named buyers,
  • Single buyer,
  • Top-up,
  • Advance Payments protection,
  • Tailor-made solutions for Financial Institutions.
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