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Credeo is a licensed broker that has been active on the market more than 20 years and specializes in credit risk management.
We are part of ICBA (International Credit Brokers Alliance) - the leading global team of specialized trade credit insurance experts. With a vast network of 900 partners across 75 countries, ICBA serves over 8,000 clients, providing access to extensive expertise and resources in credit insurance.
Providing services locally, we coordinate them globally. This means that our clients get the best trade credit insurance solutions on the market, and our long-standing experience allows clients to benefit from the insurance contract.
Global presence
  • Wide network of independent brokers worldwide
  • Any complexity solutions
Narrow specialization
  • Tailored solutions for unique needs
  • Stronger bargaining power with Insurers
  • Better coverage options and cost savings
Local Expertise
  • Licensed by the Latvian regulatory authority
  • Leading independent Broker in Baltics
  • Active on the Latvian market since 2012
Credeo is leading in the Baltic states!
As the leading trade credit insurance broker in the Baltic states, Credeo's influence extends globally. We have offices in all three Baltic countries and offer solid support internationally. For businesses seeking robust credit risk management solutions, partnering with Credeo signifies a commitment to excellence and global growth. Empower your business with Credeo!
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